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Eddie King is the DEAL MAN KING!  

He has been selling cargo trailers from his home for a few years, through advertising in the classifieds in trade magazines.  This keeps his costs LOW!  Therefore, he doesn’t mark them up much and sells on average a couple a week. He sets the price real low to give the customer a great deal, so that he/she will tell their neighbors and friends!

The customer picks the trailer up at the manufacturing facility - taking home a brand new trailer at the best price possible!

Trailers with standard features and white in color are usually in stock, so you can have your trailer NOW!

We will also custom build anything you want!

Black Cargo Trailer      Red Cargo Trailer

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Elite V - Fuel Saver from $1250 for a 5' x 8' trailer with rounded V nose.

Your choice of 12 Colors!


Our Mission.. to run a family business with low overhead, so we can afford to give you the best possible deal!



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12 Colors available:   Cargo Trailer Colors Available
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PAYMENT: If a deposit is required we ask the customer to submit a payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, Money Order or Cashier’s Check to the manufacturer.  

The balance then is due at pick up and  a
Credit Card, Debit Card. Money Order or Cashier’s Check is accepted.

Please call 912-283-6661 for further information or to order at the BEST PRICE for a trailer!

General Information or Sales. Get the BEST DEAL:

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